Apostle Clay Nash

Apostle Clay Nash Apostle Clay Nash leads City Gate Community Church in Southaven, Mississippi, USA. His Prophetic gifting has brought vision and strength to many individuals and churches all over the world. Clay ministers with a father's heart and much grace. Together with his wife, Susan, he has established several churches and an organisation called 'Purpose To The Nations'. This very close association with Pastor Sam over the last ten years has been of immense value to the region.

Apostle Mark Carbaugh

Apostle Mark Carbaugh Apostle Mark and Debbie Carbaugh lead Rock of Cape church, Missouri, USA. They also run a school. Mark is a gifted apostolic teacher and his wisdom and insight into church life is a strength and challenge to church leaders in many nations. His quiet manner and listening heart opens 'doors' and he brings a flow of God's Spirit into any forum.

Apostle Robert Henderson

Apostle Robert Henderson Apostle Robert Henderson is a man with a great hunger and thirst for God. He has raised up an apostolic church in Texas, USA and now leads apostolic networks bringing fresh revelation to the body of Christ and moving in signs and wonders. As part of the United States Apostolic Alliance he is associated with apostles Chuck Pierce, Peter Wagner and Dutch Sheets. One of his main passions is the presence of the Lord. Apostle Robert believes that it is in the presence of God that people's lives are changed and we become all that God desires us to be.

Apostle Dennis Goldsworthy-Davis

Apostle Dennis Goldsworthy-Davis Apostle Dennis Goldsworthy-Davis has a strong prophetic ministry, who ministers both prophetically and apostolically throughout different parts of the world. Known to many as a governmental prophet, he is a strong declarer of the present word of God and imparts a presence of God wherever he goes. He truly carries the “Spirit of Revival” with him. Being a strong believer in trans-generational impartation, he father’s many sons in the Kingdom.

Converted in 1973 from a life of violence and drugs, Dennis was fathered in the Lord by an apostolic ministry, Bennie Finch who had himself travelled extensively throughout the world. Dennis’ first ministry was a Youth Pastor under Bennie and then later pastored in several areas of the UK. He married Christine in 1973 and has two daughters; Sasha and Hannah.

In 1986 Dennis relocated to San Antonio, Texas and became part of a vibrant apostolic team alongside Rick Godwin and Alan Vincent. Then in 1990 Dennis pioneered Oasis International Christian Centre and later founded Great Grace International. Dennis is presently the senior minister of Oasis and continues to travel.

Churches Together in Farnworth

Churches Together Farnworth Christian Fellowship is part of "Churches Together" in Farnworth and strongly believes in working together for the establishment of God?s Kingdom in this region

National Council for Voluntary Organisations, UK

NCVO Myoke Trust (functioning as Farnworth Christian Fellowship) is a registered charity and is part of the NCVO.