Local Mission

Good News Newspaper

Personal testimonies are powerful – they are part of the ‘overcoming’ of every Christian. The ‘Good News’ newspaper is full of testimonies: testimonies of God’s grace and restoration; of his healing power; of his provision in difficult situations; of his challenge to individuals; of his help to those in need; of his hope in times of despair… Every alternate month the church delivers 3000 of the ‘Good News’ newspapers to the neighbourhood of Farnworth. We believe that Father God will touch and bring healing, hope and challenge, through the Holy Spirit, to the readers of these newspapers.

Prison/Hospital Visits

As a fellowship we are always ready to visit those in need: going into hospitals and prisons to talk and pray.

It is wonderful to see people being given a fresh start in life or being raised up from the sick bed, as we are obedient to the Holy Spirit.

People with vision in this area are encouraged to become part of the team.